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Fiskars tools

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Universal prunning scissors Giraffe

Giraffe is a multifunctional tool that allows you to work without using a ladder or in hard to reach places. The rotating cutting head and the special shape of the blade make cutting easy, fast and safe. Perfect tools for cutting branches growing next to the ground without bending over. Cuts branches up to 32mm in diameter depending on the type of wood. The cutting head can easily be rotated by up to 230 °. The blade is made of hardened alloy (CrMoV) and covered with Teflon reducing friction. The special shape of the lower blade is sure to support the branch being cut.

Ergonomic plastic handle fits every hand. The tape moving the mechanism is sewn inside the handle securing it against the branches.
Cutting range: up to 1.5 m horizontally and 3.5 m vertically
It is possible to mount a special extension

Extension for prunning scissors Giraffe

Convenient and functional, the giraffe prunning scissors extension, easy to assemble, increases the cutting range to a height of 5m.

Telescopic universal Giraffe II secateurs

Cutting range: 6 m horizontally up to 4.2 vertically. Adjustable handle length: 2.4 to 4m, has a safe and simple locking mechanism.




Anvil secateur

It cuts branches up to 16mm in diameter depending on the type of tree, has a secure locking mechanism and a hole for hanging.


Scissor secateur

It cuts branches up to 16mm in diameter depending on the type of tree, has a secure locking mechanism and a hole for hanging, cuts the branches close to the base.

Universal secateur

It can be used to cut thin layers of metal, plastic, wire, tubes. It has a secure locking mechanism and a hanging hole.


Shears for herbs and flowers with a sucker

For cutting flowers, herbs and twigs. Perfect for cutting roses, nettles and plants with spikes. Maximum cutting cut-off: up to 10mm in diameter.


A secateurs with a rotary handle

The unique system with a rotary gear increases the cutting force and makes the work more efficient and effective. The rotating movement of the lower handle makes it possible to use the power of all the fingers, eliminating the friction between the fingers prevents hand fatigue. Cuts branches up to 20mm gauge depending on the type of wood. Blade, made of hardened, precision ground steel, covered with Teflon reducing friction. Handles made of polyamide reinforced with fiberglass. Safe locking mechanism. The cutting blade can be sharpened. Removable blades are also available.

Hedge trimmer

High-quality hedge trimmer with the possibility of very precise adjustment of the blades. These shears have a lever mechanism that increases the cutting force by 3.5 times. The lower blade has a chrome finish, the higher is specially coated to reduce friction. Lightweight aluminum handles. A cushion block that absorbs the shock at the end of the cut.

Auxiliary anvil secateur

Light and effective. Maximum cutting range up to 35mm in diameter, depending on the type of wood. The unique leverage system increases the cutting force (2.3: 1). Stainless steel blades coated with Teflon reducing friction. Handles made of glass fiber polyamide, exquisite plastic handles.

Carpenter’s axe 1000

A professional tool for carpenters, carpenters and builders. Irreplaceable at home for small carpentry and chopping wood. Length: 450mm, weight: 1000g, head weight: 700g


Splitting axe 1100

Perfect for quickly and efficiently splitting small stumps and chopping wood. The unique shape of the blade. Length: 445mm, weight 1100g, head weight 800g.




Splitting axe 1400

The unique efficiency of chopping and splitting. The durable, ergonomic design makes working with this ax safe and pleasant. Length: 600mm, weight: 1400g, head weight: 1000g.




Splitting axe 2400

For splitting large trunks. The weight of the head and its unique shape inspect the maximum effectiveness of the tool. Can be used as a hammer using a splitting wedge. Length: 720mm, weight: 2550g, head weight: 1950g




Splitting wedge

Forged, durable and functional wedge for splitting large trunks. Intended for use with an axe 2400.


Sharpener for axesr

A handy sharpener that fits all types of FISKARS axes.


Hooks for trunks

For lifting or moving light stumps. It is recommended to use two hooks simultaneously or to use lifting tongs simultaneously. Kuta hardened steel with polished finish. Plastic protector.




Forceps for stumps

Durable, forged and tempered boron steel with ground tips. The handle is made of polypropylene. The mechanism of the device is covered with a protective layer of powder paint. The maximum spacing is 195mm.





Lever – rotor

Durable, forged and tempered boron steel with ground tips. Polypropylene handle. The lever is forged from a piece of steel, which makes it extremely strong and resistant to low temperature and harsh climatic conditions. A tool used to pry and rotate fallen trees and trunks.




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